Water Use Licence Applications (WULA)

Section 21 of the National Water Act requires any activity occurring within a watercourse, within the 1:100 flood-line of any watercourse and/or within 500m of the boundary of any wetland is required to be registered and licenced. There are eleven (11) different categories for which licencing is required: 21(a) Taking water from a watercourse, 21(b) Storing water, 21(c) Impeding or diverting the flow of water in a watercourse, 21(d) Engaging in a stream flow reduction activity, 21(e) Engaging in a controlled activity, i.e. irrigation, 21(f) Discharging waste or water containing waste into a water resource, 21(g) Disposing of waste in a manner which may detrimentally impact on a water resource, 21(h) Disposing in any manner of water which contains waste from, or which has been heated in, any industrial or power generation process, 21 (i) Altering the bed, banks, course or characteristics of a watercourse, 21(j) Removing, discharging or disposing of water found underground for the continuation of an activity or for the safety of persons and, 21(k) Using water for recreational purposes.