EIA Assessments: Basic Assessments, Scoping & EIR

Environmental impact assessments (EIAs) are conducted to analyse and predict the nature and extent of the consequences associated with specific activities or development on the receiving environment as required by the National Environmental Management Act 107 of 1998 (‘NEMA’). During the EIA process the evaluation and prediction of impacts are not limited to environmental but include social (including cultural) and economic aspects. The compilation of impact assessment reports, alternatives and mitigative measures ensures that any competent authority has the ability to make a sound decision on the granting or refusing of any Environmental Authorisation. Potential developments are investigated to determine whether they trigger a listed activity within Government Notice R544 (Listing Notice 1), R545 (Listing Notice 2) and/or R546 (Listing Notice 3) of the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations (Government Notice R543), 2010. If any activities are triggered then an EIA process is conducted to gain Environmental Authorisation from the competent authority before the development may proceed. All Basic Assessment (Listing Notice 1 and 3) and Scoping/ EIR (Listing Notice 2) processes are guided by the EIA Regulations ensuring the correction procedure is followed in terms of compilation, submission, processing and consideration of an application for Environmental Authorisation.